-most of us have to fly at some point in their life: when on holiday, to visit your family, business trips etc.

Checking in at the Airport:

The most important thing to do when you first arrive at an airport is to check in. This will usually be done at a counter or kiosk. You will get your "boarding pass" and be able to check any luggage when you check in. A boarding pass is a printed version of your ticket. You can find all the important information about your flight, like what gate it's departing from, what time the flight leaves, and where your seat on the plane is, on your boarding pass. Checking in luggage is also important when your bags are too heavy.

Where is the check-in desk?
I would like to check in.
Please be at the gate 45 minutes before departure.
Do you have a checked bag or just carry-on luggage?
I have one carry-on and two checked bags.
Can I see your passport?
Can I see your boarding pass?
Your flight is boarding at 4:15.
Your flight leaves from gate F12.
Have a safe flight!
Where is the check-in desk?
This is an example of a sentence that you might hear right before you start boarding the plane. It is meant to get the attention of all passengers on a specific flight, in this case flight QUE382 to Toronto. The most important information is in the second sentence. This information is that the flight is now boarding at a specific gate, here Z15. For example, if you were taking this flight, you would know to either prepare to board, if you are already at the gate, or head to the gate as quickly as possible so that you don't miss your flight.

Going through Security:

After checking in, you will most likely head to "security" or "the security check" next. This is where police officers search everyone's luggage for dangerous or illegal items that are not allowed on planes. At security, you'll often hear commands like "Empty your pockets, please," "Put all electronics in a separate bin," or "Step through the scanner." Most of the time you don't have to answer these commands. Simply listen carefully to what the police officers tell you to do and ask questions if you don't completely understand. Don't worry! Once you get through security, you can relax a bit before your flight.

We need to go through the security check before we can board.
Empty your pockets, please.
Put all electronics in a separate bin.
Have your passports out and ready.
Step through the scanner, please.
I need to search your bag.
What do you have in your bag?
Please hold still.
Have your passports out and ready
This is a phrase that you might hear before you go through security or before you board the plane. It simply means to take your passport out and be ready to show it to the airport employees at the counter. Instead of this sentence, you might also just hear the questions "Can I see your passport?" or "Can I see your boarding pass?" Again, you most likely don't have to answer these questions, but instead need to just do what the person asks.

Landing at Your Destination:

- have to go through baggage claim, passport control, and customs

What is the purpose of your stay?
I’m here on vacation.
How long are you staying here?
Have you been here before?
Let’s get our bags from baggage claim.
We landed at 8:15.
We need to go through customs before we can leave the airport.
Do you have anything to declare?
No, I only bought small souvenirs for my family.
Do you have any duty-free items in your luggage?
May I search your bag?
What is the purpose of your stay?
This is a sentence that you would most likely hear at passport control. This is similar to a security check that you need to go through before you can enter the country or place that you just landed in. At this check, however, the police officers will only check your passport and ask you questions, such as "What is the purpose of your stay?" They might also ask something like "Are you just visiting or are you here for business?" You could answer many different ways, depending on why you have traveled there. For example, you could say "I'm visiting friends," "I am here for business," or "I'm on vacation."
Let’s get our bags from baggage claim
After your flight has landed, you need to go to "baggage claim" to pick up any checked bags you have. Baggage claim is usually in a large hall with conveyor belts where baggage from different flights will be displayed. You just need to find your luggage, and then you can leave baggage claim. If you can't find your luggage, you could go to a help desk and ask for help. Hopefully, they will be able to find your luggage, otherwise they might say something like "Your baggage has been lost." If that happens, don't worry! The employees at the counter should be able to help you recover your lost luggage.
Do you have anything to declare?
When you land at your destination, you might have to go through customs. If that happens, you will most likely hear "Do you have anything to declare?" This question is asking whether you are carrying any special items with you from the place that your flight came from. In most cases you could probably just respond with "I just have some small souvenirs with me." At customs you might also hear other questions like "Do you have any duty-free items?" or "May I search your bag?" Duty-free items are things that you can buy within an airport or on an airplane.

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