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Would you like to cook dinner together?de
Sounds great. What would you like to eat?de
I was thinking maybe tacos?de
I love tacos. Do you prefer hard shell or soft?de
I don't really care. But soft are easier to eat.de
Then let's use soft shells. I'll cook the beef and the onions. Do you want to slice some avocado and tomatoes?de
Yes, I'll do that. Should I add lettuce and cheese?de
Whatever you like in your tacos. We could also add beans and jalapenos?de
How about salsa and sour cream?de
I don't have sour cream. But these tacos sound delicious. I'm very excited and hungry already.de
Me too! Who taught you how to cook?de
My mother, she is a great cook! We always used to make dinner together.de
If you set the table, I will finish the tacos, and then we can eat.de
Sounds good.de